Cookie Notice

Last updated on 17 March 2024

Versuni is home to the brands Philips, Baristina, Saeco, Gaggia, Preethi, Philips Walita, L'OR Barista and Senseo.

What is a cookie?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your equipment (computer, tablet or mobile device) when you use web browsers and visit websites. Similar techniques are pixels, web beacons, device fingerprinting, etc. For consistency, we refer to all of these techniques as “cookies”.

Information about cookies

Versuni aims to make your online experience and interaction as informative and relevant as possible. To do this, we use cookies or similar techniques. With this cookie notice we would like to inform you which categories of cookies may apply and for what purposes.

Why are cookies used?

Cookies can be used for different purposes. We classify cookies into four categories:

  1. Functional cookies

    Cookies may be necessary for the website to function properly. For example, without cookies, it would be difficult to remember that you have logged in or what products you have put in your basket. We then speak of compulsory cookies, essential cookies or functional cookies.

  2. Analytical cookies

    Cookies can be used to analyze the use of a website, to count the number of visitors, to learn how the website can be improved. These cookies are called analytical cookies.

    • Google Analytics
  3. Social media cookies

    Social media cookies are used to enable social media integration into the website, to enable liking or sharing of a page or product or to log in to the website with the media account social of his choice.

    • Google Inc.
    • Meta Inc.
    • Apple Inc.

Below you will find a detailed explanation of how we use different cookies.

Your choices regarding cookies

When you arrive at our web pages/contact points, you will receive information about the cookies that apply to that page. You can set your preferences. You can either accept all cookies or refuse all cookies except functional cookies. You can also select the types of cookies you allow. You can change your preferences at any time by clicking on the cookie settings on this web page. If you click on "learn more", you will find a list of all cookies that apply to the web page in each category (functional, analytical, social media, targeted advertising).

Please note that using cookie settings on our websites may not result in the deletion of cookies already installed. You can do this through your web browser settings, as described below, after changing your cookie settings on our websites.

Please note that Versuni does not currently use a technical solution that would allow us to respond to “Do Not Track” signals from your browser. In addition to using the cookie settings section on our websites, you can manage your cookie settings in your browser settings at any time. Please be aware that your browser settings may not provide you with the same ease of use as the cookie settings on our websites. If you simply disable all cookies in your browser settings, some sections or features of our websites may not work, as your browser may prevent us from installing functional cookies. Therefore, we recommend that you use cookie settings on our websites rather than disabling all cookies through your web browser.

Your privacy rights

For (more) information on how we process your personal data and how you can exercise your privacy rights under applicable law, we refer you to our privacy notice. The current version of the privacy notice is always available at the bottom of our websites.

Detailed explanation of the use of cookies

Our website may use functional cookies to:

  1. passing information from one page to another, for example when completing a lengthy survey or filling out numerous details for an online order.
  2. store preferences such as language, location, number of search results to display, etc.
  3. save settings for optimal video viewing, such as buffer size and your screen resolution details.
  4. read your browser settings in order to display our website optimally on your screen.
  5. identify misuse of our website and services, for example by recording several consecutive unsuccessful login attempts.
  6. load the website regularly so that it remains accessible.
  7. offer the possibility to remember your connection status so that you do not have to enter your connection details every time.
  8. allow you to post a reaction on our website.
  9. optimize our website in real time based on your use of it, for example by making a form field light up or flash after a period of inactivity.

Our website may use analytical cookies to:

  1. track the number of visitors to our web pages.
  2. track the time each visitor spends on our web pages.
  3. determine the order in which a visitor views the different pages of our website.
  4. evaluate the parts of our site that need improvement.
  5. website optimization.
  6. ask you for your opinion on specific parts of our website.

Our website may use social media cookies to:

  1. logged in users of certain social media to directly share and like certain content on our website.
  2. allow connection with your social media account.

Please note that these social media parties may process your personal data for their own purposes. Versuni has no control over how these social media parties process your personal data. For more information regarding the processing of personal data by social media parties, please refer to their privacy statement and cookie policies.

We have listed the social media channels we use below:

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Apple

Concluding Remarks

We reserve the right to change the cookie notice and cookies included in the cookie bar or on a specific website at any time. The updated Cookie Notice will be effective when posted. You always have the option to change your cookie preferences or stop using our websites. By continuing to access our websites or use our services, you agree to be bound by the revised Cookie Notice. You can check this webpage to get the latest version.  If you have any questions and/or comments about this Cookie Notice, please contact our customer service team by chat, mail or telephone. You can also submit a privacy request through Contact Us.